Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Technological Progress In Computer Industry :: essays research papers

Comparison and contrast essay Technological progress in computer industry. Computer one of the most important and necessary things in our life. There are different tasks that can be performed with computer such as: typing documents, making worksheets, sending mail, just playing with a computer and many others. But all these different tasks would be done better and faster with the Pentium 4 computer than with the Pentium 2 computer. The computer with  «Pentium 4 » chip is better than the computer with  «Pentium 2 » chip. As I’ve already said, different types of tasks can be done better by the more powerful computer. The measure of power or performance among computers is the number of machine cycles done per second. It is usually called cycle speed. The cycle speed is measured in megahertz (abbreviated MHz, which stands for million of cycles per second). Computer with Intel  «Pentium 2 » chips had cycle speed from 200 to 400 MHz, thus they could handle only simple operations like word processing, mail sending and receiving. These computers cannot work even with graphics, because they don’t not have enough power. The recent innovation, Pentium processor, gave the opportunity to work not only with sophisticated word editors, but also with graphics and animation. Pentium enables people to organize tough databases, where records can be found in some seconds. Pentium processor cycle speed is ranging from 600 MHz to 1200 MHz nowadays. Having made all calculations It can be stated that an a verage Pentium 4 with 800 MHz cycle speed is 40 times faster and more powerful than the best computer with Intel Pentium 2 chip and 200 MHz cycle speed. Not only performance makes such a huge gap between these two computers, but also upgradability. Upgradability means that an owner of a computer can easily install a new hardware into a computer or just update the old one. The  «motherboard » of a pentium 2-model computer did not allow to install different internal features, while the  «motherboard » of a Pentium 4 computer did allow to do that. There are lots of hardware types like CD-ROMs, VideoCards, AudioCard, and internal modems, and all these devices can be easily installed into the Pentium 4 computer. The RAM (Random Access Memory) of a Pentium 4 computer can be upgraded up to 2 GB (2 Gigabyte is (2048)3 bytes which makes 1.

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